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What’s New?

Here’s whats new with the BS&k Company:

SuperliftSuperLift: manufacturers Lift Tables, Tilters, Mast Lifts, Electric Lifts, Man Lifts, pallet Trucks and clean room lifts in Stainless Steel.

Lumsden: has the Sidewinder belt out. The patented process makes belts that last many times longer. Try it yourself and put it to the test. You’ll be sold on the benefits.

Pentagon Safety Products: We are the only middleman, that’s why we can save you 20% to 40% on your annual PPE purchases.

Nx-Tec – Nx-Kem is a national distributor of specialty Chemicals, Products, Tools and MRO items. Plus a whole lot more. Let us tell you how we can be of service to you in solving your cleaning, maintenance and everyday needs at a price you can afford.

Also, our Flex Turn belt is made to precision tolerances without the bacteria trapping splice clips. Ask to see a sample.

REMCO: now has an 8th color available for your HACCP program – PURPLE