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Filter Belts

Any plant that is frying is a likely Filter Belt customer.

Filter Belts are most commonly used in the Stein SF Series Continuous Force Flow Filter, which is, by far, the most common system used in the industry.

These belts are used to filter the oil used in the fryer, extending the life of the frying oil and minimizing the formation of fatty acids.

Filter belts can remove particles as small as 80 micron or 60 micron.

After the particles are removed from the oil, they are removed from the belt by a scraper for reclamation or recycling.

Features & Benefits

  • All our filter belts receive the “white glove” treatment and are wrapped in paper to keep any hand oils or contaminates off the mesh.
  • Constructed with slug-less rivets so no slugs can fall out and damage the fryer.
  •  The chain is RC40 roller chain with an A-1 Attachment on every 2nd pitch on the pin link (outer link).
  • We use Reverse Plain Dutch weave on all our filters for the tightest 80 and 60 micron openings possible.  316 SS material
  • Low profile Alligator laces for the flattest belt to limit catching
  • All Lumsden Filter Belts are made on a special fixture to assure that the hole location cannot be misaligned.
    Misalignment can cause premature tearing of the mesh by uneven flexing of the mesh at the rivets.
  • Lumsden offers a “Double-edge filter belt on which the edge of the mesh is folded over onto itself. This results  in extra strength at the edge where the rivets go through, making the belt less susceptible to tearing. We can make special widths, however belts wider than 37-1/2”require a  long lead time. We buy the mesh to the exact width.

Available Stock Sizes:

  • 37.5″ wide 80 micron
  • 37.5″ wide 60 micron
  • 25″ wide 80 micron
  • 25″ wide 60 micron

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