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                Wrabacon                         Custom Conveyors and Automation                     

           Distributors For:
Sinterite Products
       Furnaces, Ovens and Equipment
Snap Lock Inc.
               Modular Sanitary Conveyors

Conveyor Belts
Lumsden Corp.
                                Flexx Flow Conveyor Belts
                 Wiremation Industries                    Metal Woven Wire, Chain Edge, Baking Bands
Flat Wire belts and Furnace Curtains
Distributors For:
                 Belt Service                                             Fabric Belting
Habasit America – KVP                    Plastic Modular belts and chain
                 National Element, Inc.                    Hinge Plate Conveyor belts

Conveyor  Components
Pobco, Inc.
                                       Anti-Friction Devices, Wear Strips,
Guide Rails, Rollers and Machined Plastic Parts
SATECH                                          Anti Fatigue Matting
Distributors For:
R&S Technologies
                          Machined Conveyor Components
ABJ EquipFix, L.L.C.                    
 Machined Conveyor Components
      Remco Products                               Sanitary Cleaning Items
Lubri-Lab Technology
                            Lubricant Additives and Greases