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Hi, I’m Bob.

     I’m the “B” in BS&k, and the owner of this rep firm.

                 And this is Sue, the “S” in BS&k.

                             And now we have John, one of the k’s in the BS&k.

I have been in industrial sales, product development, business ownership, and sales management since 1975. I started this manufacturers representative firm in 1999 to serve a need that I felt was not being fulfilled.

Over the years, in several businesses, I have learned many things. The most valuable overall lesson I have learned is to listen to what the customer says. Customers don’t buy something just because you are there, although sometimes they do. They buy things to solve problems. I want to solve your problem, if I can, and I enjoy solving problems. My diverse background has given me the knowledge to do this.

  • My first five years in the power transmission field gave me a valuable education in the basics of production based manufacturing plants. I learned that You better not be the reason why a line shuts down.”. A lesson that has stayed with me.
  • Ten plus years spent in the powdered metal field advanced my “hands-on” education and began my understanding of how valuable teamwork and sharing of ideas can be. Changing the way things were made often times let the customer reduce costs enough to keep his product marketable. I learned that If you aren’t moving ahead, you will be left behind!”.
  • Three years was spent operating a business in the printing industry. It demanded long hours, creativity and perseverance. The end result was to make the customer look their best. In addition to learning all aspects of operating a business and meeting payrolls I gained a tremendous amount of respect for the other side, The Customer. My lesson here was that They are willing to buy what they need at a fair price, but don’t risk long term gains for short term profits.”
  • 10 years were spent in the conveyor belt business. This is where it all really came together. Salesmanship, honesty, creativity, negotiations, respect and education. I learned that If you exceed expectations every time, the customers will gladly come back. It is not easy, but the results showed it worked.

Today, there is BS&k Company. A firm that represents only quality manufacturers and matches their products to customer needs.

Sue joined our team in 2004, although she has really been here the whole time. She is a big help and you will probably meet her or speak with her from time to time.

John, our third son, joined us in 2019. John covers the Greensboro, NC to Columbia, SC corridor. His background is not in the belting business but he does has management experience and has picked up the product application very quickly. He is a big help to us.

Our only goal is to meet the expectations of the customer and the manufacturer by solving problems and creating solutions. If we make some friends along the way, then we gained an added bonus.


We are BS&k Company, thanks for visiting our site. Let us know how we can help you.

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