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Learn More About How To Color Code your Plant

Looking for help on your HACCP Program?

REMCO products can be color coded to prevent contaminating utensils from different areas.

Now you can add an eighth color for your HACCP-compliant color-coding system without sacrificing the quality and dependability you’ve come to expect with REMCO Products.

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Remco Products – Color Coded for Quality Assurance
Protecting your customers
One of any industry’s top priorities is meeting its customers’ requirements for quality. This is a challenge that can be met only with an effective, up-to-date quality assurance system that doesn’t simply find errors after they occur, but that can identify potential problem areas and prevent quality lapses before they happen.

The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system was developed with this end in mind. To help ensure consistent quality, HACCP provides a thorough analysis of the production cycle and identifies specific areas of biological, chemical, or physical risk.

Remco products are color-coded to help divide the production cycle into different zones. By identifying these zones as different cleaning areas, the movement of bacteria around the production area can be effectively blocked.